Wedding Program Fans

Program fans are the perfect touch to keep your guests cool for beach or outdoor weddings! They’re also just a little more fun than the standard booklet or flat card. In general, it’s a pretty easy and doable process but just very time consuming when you have to make 100+ of these little guys — so make sure to budget enough time!

What You’ll Need

  • 5″x7″ program with rounded corners
  • 8″ jumbo wavy craft sticks
    Initially, I purchased some on Amazon that were sold in larger packs and a good price. However, the quality wasn’t very good. The stick was slightly curved so wouldn’t sit flat between the two programs. Returned those and ended up purchasing a few packs of these at Michael’s (not sold online but had them in-store). The quality of the sticks were a lot better and I would use them again.
  • Double stick tape
    I used around 7-8 dispensers of double stick tape for 115 programs. You can purchase these in 3 packs which can save you a few bucks.
  • Ruler
  • Pencil



  1. Measure: Find the center of the program where you will put the stick. I had 4″ of the stick inside the fan and then 4″ for the handle. I printed the programs double sided instead of printing 2 sides separately. This actually helped me position the stick. I used the letters as reference to know how far and where the center was instead of measuring each time!
  2. Stick: You can definitely play around with how much tape you want to use. You really don’t need a strip of tape around the entire edge but putting too little can result in the air going through the fan and making a weird noise. Here’s  how much tape I used and where I put it.
  3. Press: I used a piece of clean paper to press the programs together around the stick to make sure I didn’t dirty the programs while making them.
  4. Test! Sometimes if I didn’t press the tape enough together, the fan would make a click noise when I used it. You should get a clean and sharp edge!

Tips & Tricks

  • Use double sided tape, not hot glue. I tried to use hot glue initially but there were so many issues that it just wasn’t a viable option for me. The glue dried so quickly, by the time I put hot glue neatly around the edges, on the stick, etc. it would already be dried! So unless you are a hot glue expert — which I am not —  go with double sided tape.
  • Try the fan! My worst nightmare would be for all the wedding guests to be fanning themselves and then have their program fall apart or half of it fly away because I didn’t use enough tape!
  • Use rounded corners. No one wants to poke their eye out while fanning themselves at a wedding!

Don’t have the time to make your own wedding program fans? Send me a message or purchase these on my Etsy store!


April 12, 2016