Envelope Liner Template

Envelope liners are a great way to add a pop of color and wow factor when your guests open their invitation!

I use a Silhouette Portrait cutting machine that allows me to cut 2 liners on a 8″x11″ sheet of paper. You can print your own custom design or scrounge the paper aisle at your local craft store for something cute. I love using the handmade papers from Paper Source and World Market — a little pricier but oh so beautiful! Another idea is to use wrapping paper! The options are really endless!

I usually purchase envelopes from Paper Source so the Silhouette template below (did I mention it’s free?!) is specifically made to fit A7 Paper Source envelopes. Cheers to pretty envelope liners!

Download Silhouette Envelope Liner Template for Paper Source A7 Envelope

Rather me make them for you? Take a look at the envelope liners available for purchase on my Etsy store!

silhouette-machineTips & Tricks

  • Use lighter weight paper. Keep in mind that your envelope liners need to fold with the envelope. Some gold foil papers are on printed on thicker cardstock that won’t crease easily or nicely when folding — unless you score it. Even then, it’s a little bit funky for your envelope liner to be a heavier weight paper than your envelope.
  • Try using wrapping paper. You get the biggest bang for your buck if you can find a cute wrapping paper you’d like to make into your envelope liners. The only difficult part is working with the paper curl. If you can get by this, you’re good to go!


May 17, 2016